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Keep Your Legacy Safe

WillKeep is where Canadians turn to ensure the security, integrity, and accessibility of their wills.

* Regular fee $79

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Copies of your will aren't accepted for probate. For your last wishes to be carried out, your executor must have the original, signed paper document.

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Electronic versions are not accepted

B.C. is the only province that accepts electronic wills. If you live anywhere else, you need the original signed paper will.

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Safety deposit boxes may be a problem

Most banks require your executor to have probate before granting access. But executors need the will to get probate.

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And your home can be just as bad

Fire, flooding, and tampering are all serious threats. Not to mention the risk of misplacing your will altogether.

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The most valuable document you'll ever create.

And it's not only about the money. Your will is your final expression to the people you love, and you want it executed properly.

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So keep it safe and secure...

Our storage facilities are fireproof, floodproof, temperature- and humidity-controlled, and equipped with state-of-the-art pest prevention, giving you total peace of mind.

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...and easy to find.

WillKeep's database is searchable and simple to navigate, meaning your loved ones will have no trouble finding your will.

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Mother and Daughter

“Storing our wills outside of our home makes sense to me, and the price is very fair. The process was easy. We registered online, and the will-shipping package arrived in a few days. We sent it in and we got an email confirming that our wills were safe in one of the vaults. So simple!"

Cherie R. 

WillKeep FAQs

What if I want to change my will, or if I want it back before I die?

You can access your will from WillKeep at any time. If you change your will, your lifetime storage is applied to the new will. We'll send you a new storage envelope and we'll exchange your new will in for the old one.

If you want to retrieve your will, we'll send it to you using the same process you've selected for your release (lawyer release or Circle of Trust). If you retrieve the will yourself you're responsible for the final release fee.

How much does WillKeep cost? 

There are three types of fees at WillKeep: lifetime storage, will replacement, and final release. Current prices can be found on our pricing page.

There is no subscription, and there are no recurring fees. You pay your storage fee once for lifetime storage, so you know that your affairs are in order.

WillKeep's services are available to Canadians in these provinces
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