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How much does WillKeep cost?

There are three types of fees at WillKeep: lifetime storage, will replacement, and final release. Current prices can be found on our pricing page.

There is no subscription, and there are no recurring fees. You pay your storage fee once for lifetime storage, so you know that your affairs are in order.

Can’t I just use a safety deposit box?

If you already have paid for a safety deposit box, it can be a secure option for your will. It is important to understand, however, that a safety deposit box can be a catch-22. In most cases your executor will need the original will to access your safety deposit box, but the will is inside the box. In these situations your executor may require a court order, which is expensive and can lead to delays.

How does my executor access my will?

When you register with WillKeep you choose between two release options: Lawyer Release or Circle of Trust (COT).


Lawyer Release is the most secure way of ensuring your will is only released to the person you have designated as your executor. After you die, your executor goes to a lawyer of their choice to request the release of the will. WillKeep sends the lawyer your will with a letter of direction that requires them to confirm three things:

  • That you have died. This is usually done with the death certificate.

  • The identity of the person requesting the will. This requires a government-issued photo ID.

  • That the person requesting the will is the executor. This requires the lawyer to review the will to see who is named as the executor. 

While Lawyer Release is more secure, the lawyer may charge a fee for the service.

COT release is less expensive and doesn't require a lawyer. You identify 2-6 people whom you trust by registering their names and email addresses as your circle. If someone requests the release of your will, you and your circle are notified by email. The will is released only if no one rejects the request and if at least one member of the circle agrees. The circle members are given five days to respond. If there is a conflict that can’t be mediated, it reverts to Lawyer Release.

COT release is best when you have no concerns about someone wanting to tamper with your will or inappropriately obtain possession. You must have at least two individuals in your COT at all times.

What if I want my will back before I die, or if I want to change my will? 

You can access your will from WillKeep any time. If you change your will, we will switch in your new. There is a small handling fee, but your lifetime storage is applied to the new will. If you want to retrieve your will we can send it to you using the same process you have selected for your release (lawyer release or Circle of Trust). If you retrieve the will yourself, prior to your death, you will need to pay the final release fee.

Why should I use WillKeep instead of just storing my will at home?

Wills stored at home are at risk of damage by fire, flood, humidity, and pests. They can also be misplaced, stolen, or tampered with. With WillKeep you don't have to worry about those risks. Our facilities meet and exceed ISO standards for archiving documents and we work hard to make sure your will is safe.

Where is my will stored?

Your will is stored in one of our will storage vaults. Our vaults are all located in Canada, but your will may or may not be in the province that you live in.

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